Fitting Room Chronicles: Joe Fresh


I’m always looking for affordable basics. Those easy, foundational items that anchor your wardrobe. Joe Fresh has become my go-to for these types of pieces.

Joseph Mimran, the founder of Club Monaco, is the mastermind behind this retail chain, which he brought to New York a few years ago. The brand landed with a loud thump and infiltrated almost every Manhattan neighborhood immediately, along with a few J.C. Penney stores, although that partnership recently ended.

Joe Fresh

The store is easy to shop, but it’s the antithesis of those cozy, residential-like spaces that its competitors are trying to create. The merchandising is based around function and color, not really desire. And its bright orange logo and shopping bags can be off-putting. EVERYONE on the street knows if you just purchased an item from Joe Fresh.


But their clothes, particularly their tops and outerwear, are what I like the brand for. They are a little more modern and trend-driven than the Gap, and less expensive than J.Crew. On the quality front, I’m satisfied. I purchased a few merino wool sweaters there this past winter and there hasn’t been any pilling. I’m also a fan of their silk button up blouses, which usually retail for $59 but you can always buy them on sale. It’s also worth checking out their men’s stuff. I never purchased it, but I remember wanting to buy a nylon men’s camo jacket there a couple seasons ago and being bummed I didn’t get it. As for fit, I would say they run slightly small, but their sizing isn’t as off as some of their competitors.


Overall it’s become a store that I frequent because I know I will find items like this, this, and this. Well designed pieces that are easy and appealing to a busy girl like me who cares about what she wears, but doesn’t always have the time to labor over it.

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