Why I Didn’t Buy These Vintage Pieces

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So often online, people focus on what they did purchase. I thought it would be somewhat insightful to do a post on pieces I decided not to buy. All of these pieces are from a great vintage store in Phoenicia, New York called Mystery Spot. It’s a good store for the intermediate vintage shopper who feels overwhelmed by racks and racks of clothes. It’s also just a cool shop to see. Aside from apparel, it’ filled with old records, textiles, shoes and art. Read on to see why I didn’t purchase these items.

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I already own something like this: This was a vintage jacket dress that fit me well. I could  see myself wearing it on multiple occasions, but it was much like something I already own. My focus this season has been buying pieces that add something new to my closet.

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It wasn’t versatile enough: This was a corduroy jacket. I loved the color and I own nothing like it, but it didn’t feel like a jacket that I would always want to throw on. Part of that is because it was a little snug and wouldn’t allow for any layering, which is essential when purchasing lightweight jackets. Certain jackets can only be worn in between seasons, and in order to get the most bang for my buck, it’s nice to know that I can layer if I need to. Also, the overall look on me was whatever. It didn’t wow me so I didn’t buy it.

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Too thick: I must admit, once I looked at this picture I thought to myself, “Why didn’t you purchase this sweater?” The color is beautiful and I like where it hits my waist and hip area, but it was too thick. I’ve purchased really thick sweaters before and I rarely wear them because they either can’t be tucked into my high waist skirts or pants or they don’t fit under my coats. Also, this sweater was on a hanger (a major no no), which caused that little lump on the right arm. I’m constantly getting vintage clothes tailored and tweaked, but that would have been a hard fix.

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Too fragile: The second I put this on a button came off. That’s not a huge deal, but the coat just felt like it would rip at any moment. I’m not a delicate person nor do I treat the things I own in a delicate way (I’m working on it), so anything I buy needs to be built for movement, wear and tear and New York City living.

  • Mystery Spot Vintage

    Hi. We’re so glad you liked our shop! As soon as we read your post we checked out the coat that the button came off of while you were trying it on. Indeed it is less one button now. We’re so sorry that happened. Mind if we ask where you placed the button so we can sew it back on? We can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

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