What I Wore To New York Fashion Week

Zara crop top; thrifted skirt and earrings; Prada Sunglasses; Raul Bag; See by Chloe sandals

This season (see last year for comparison), I really had no interest in wearing print. I wanted to keep things as clean and simple as possible. I also didn’t go on a shopping spree. Not that I can afford to go on a shopping spree, but I barely bought anything.  I went to a couple of thrift and vintage stores and focused on dresses and bold earrings. Here’s what I wore: 

Zara crop top; thrifted skirt and earrings; Prada Sunglasses; Raul Bag; See by Chloe sandals

Zara crop top; thrifted skirt and earrings; Prada Sunglasses; Raul Bag; See by Chloe sandals

Day 1: Remember that Zara crop top I talked about earlier? Well here it is. It’s turned into one of my favorite buys of the season, although it’s not the most flattering piece of clothing. I might consider getting it hemmed a couple of inches so it shows my waist. The pleated skirt is a thrift find from Unique in Virginia, and the shoes are old See by Chole. The handbag is Raoul and those cameo earrings are from Unique thirft in the Bronx. Sunglasses are Prada.  Forehead shine was free.


Day 2: Here’s the Zara top in baby pink. Once again, might get this top hemmed so the waist on my trousers are visible). These trousers are also Zara. I had them taken in and cropped. The shoes are Pour la Victoire and the white purse is vintage. Sunglasses are Dries Van Noten and earrings are by H&M.


Day 3: Can I just say bravo to all of the personal style bloggers out there. It’s hard to have someone take your picture everyday. This dress is a vintage buy from Shareen Vintage. I absolutely love it. It fit me perfectly and no alterations where needed. Side note: I used to alter everything, but now I’m starting to be more discerning about it because it gets expensive and it’s not always worth the investment. Sunglasses are Dries Van Noten. Bag is Jerome Dreyfuss. The gladiator sandals are Matiko.




Day 4: This Madewell dress is one of my favorite summer purchases. It’s so easy, but also graphic. Once again, I’m wearing a Raoul bag, Matiko gladiator sandals, and Prada sunglasses.

Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 5.57.33 AM

Day 5: I spoke on a WGSN hangout this day (it covered how to make it as a young designer if interested).  I opted for this Zara dress. You can see a full length shot here. The sandals are See by Chloe.

Final thoughts: It’s a really telling exercise to take pictures of your outfits on a day-to-day basis. It lets you know what shapes, and colors look good on you, which is half the battle, and gives you ideas on what you could improve on. My outfits were fine. I felt good in them, but if I wasn’t going to do print and pattern, I should have considered texture or maybe a statement shoe. This fall/winter my focus is going to be on shoes and accessories, and a great coat hopefully. I will keep you updated.

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