What Everyone Will Be Wearing During NYFW


Each fashion week there are a few items that reach ubiquity. One season it was the Cambridge Satchel bag, another season it was friendship bracelets, and last season I told colleagues to “follow the neon beanie” if they ever needed to find a fashion show.

Ubiquity could have a negative connotation, but I don’t think it has to. I typically avoid items during their peak of popularity, but these pieces or logos are omnipresent for a reason.

It’s mostly because of good design, or the item is simply ironic and fun (i.e. the scrunchie). But whatever the reason may be, these items will be widely worn because they quickly convey, “I get it,” or “I belong,” two sentiments that are highly palpable during fashion month. So, this list can either be things you avoid because they won’t feel special in the context of fashion week, or things you wear because you want to feel part of the pack. You decide. But in the meantime, read on for a brief breakdown of each item.

Mansur Gavriel bucket bag: Given that this bag is about $500 and has a waiting list, it’s hard to believe that it will be inescapable during NYFW. But trust me. It will be.

Delicate earrings: The New York Times just wrote about this trend, but it’s been popular for some time now. Multiple ear piercings have gone from punk to pretty and I don’t foresee this look slowing down any time soon.

Hood by Air: Every once in a while the fashion industry latches on to something exotic that they don’t understand or can’t relate to, but still think is cool. That’s the case for Hood by Air. Shayne Oliver’s street wear line is having its moment and I predict a lot of female fashion editors and stylists wearing it this season.

Bodycon crop tops: These trendy tops were out in full force during festival season and I’m sure they will trickle into fashion week. Do I agree with them? No. But if you can pull them off, why not?

Adidas slides: Who knew your go-to soccer practice sandal would work so well with your adult wardrobe?

Nike logo: The Nike logo is every where in life, not just fashion week, but I’m certain there will be an influx of Riccardo Tisci Air Force Ones or tees and socks with the logo.

Birkenstocks: Although I never bought a pair, I was on the Birkenstock train ever since I saw the Olsens and Tracee Ellis Ross wear the Gizeh style. I still think it’s a good looking shoe, but now people think they’re fine to wear with everything. They aren’t.

Scrunchie: In a Sex in the City episode a scrunchie epitomized “not getting it,” but thanks to Scrunchies of Instagram, now wearing this hair accessory means the exact opposite. It’s also easy bait for street style photographers.

Honoroable Mention: Flash Tattoos. Don’t be surprised when you see random flashes of metallic body paint.

Illustrations by Elle Lasher

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