The Power of a Haircut



Sam, The Style Tip’s talented in-house photographer, got a haircut this summer. When I met Sam she had shoulder length hair and blunt bangs, which she said she would never get rid of. Well, things have changed and over the summer she felt compelled to chop it all of. Read on to see where she got her hair cut — you’ll be surprised — and how it’s improved her style. She’s also implemented some new techniques that make getting dressed each morning easier.


Why did you get your hair cut?

I was with Sarah and we were sort of just obsessing over Lilly-Rose Depp and Sarah was like ‘Why don’t your cut your hair short? It would be amazing.’ And I said, ‘I’ve been thinking of that actually.’ And then I was like ‘You want to cut it this weekend?’

So, Sarah cut it?

Yes. It is the most casual haircut. I haven’t had my haircut by a hairdresser in two years. I came over with wet hair and sat in her kitchen and she cut it with kitchen shears. She just grabbed chunks and went snip.

Has your haircut changed how you get dressed?

I just feel like it makes me look much more grown up. Even my mom was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re growing up without me.’ Everyone has been overwhelmingly positive about it. I feel so much more confident. It’s the strangest thing. I feel as if I look kind of young and I said ‘Ok, this is going to go either one of two ways. I’m either going to look even more young or it’s going to make me look a little bit older.’


You’ve made some other changes this summer, right?

Yes. I moved this summer and my closet doubled in size. When that happened all of a sudden I could separate my weekend clothes from my work clothes. I didn’t think it would have as drastic an effect that it did, but it completely changed how easy it was to get dressed because I have everything in one place whereas before I had half of my outfit in one spot and half in the other.

You’re also taking pictures of your outfits?

So now everyday if I have a good outfit I will take a photo of it in the mirror and I add it to this album that I have on my iPhone. So when I wake up I either check my album, which I call ootd (outfit of the day), or I check Pinterest. On my Pinterest I have different boards for different seasons or wear to work. It’s good for inspiration. This isn’t a long process I just do it quickly.

Do you do this every morning?

Basically. I pick something that I want to wear and I’ve found through natural selection I will change probably one thing about it so I’m iterating on a good look rather than having to build it new each morning, which takes way too much effort. That has helped me make more good outfits.


What have you found that looks good on you?

I think at the start of summer I was starting to buy a lot of Ralph Lauren button downs on eBay. I’m all about eBay. It’s like a funny joke now at this stage. But I said I want five of them. They are cotton oxfords that are either blue or white.

No black?

No black. I’ve actually moved away from black a lot. It just reminds me of PR girls and you blend into the crowd. I’ll still wear it, but now I’m trying to mix it up a bit and I know that light blue looks good on me, so that’s why I go for blue button downs. I think it’s such a classic thing. If I had my own way I would be buying Celine button downs like Sarah Harris. She has a wardrobe of Celine button downs and that’s the ultimate.

How much are they on eBay?

They are between $10 and $20.

What do you search?

Ralph Lauren button downs. Sometimes I put in slim fit. There’s two fits: a slim and a classic fit. I think slim looks better. So that’s sort of a staple. I’m looking at more midi skirts now at the moment.

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