The It Bracelet

Maryellis (left) and Kristen Naiman (right) wearing Miansai screw cuff bracelet

Want to know what many of the women in my life want/wear? The Miansai screw cuff bracelet. Kristen Naiman introduced me to the bracelet during her style profile interview, and then Maryellis, whose style profile goes up this week (!) was also wearing the cuff when we shot her. THEN my colleague and friend Sarah mentioned a $400 bracelet she wants. I balked at the idea until she pulled up a picture of this bracelet in sterling silver. I completely understand why it’s popular. It’s really good design. Simple and industrial, but interesting. Will it make its way on my to-buy list? Possibly. But I’m not in a jewelry buying mood currently. As a matter of fact, I haven’t quite mastered jewelry. We’ll talk about that later. But isn’t this bracelet really good?

  • Jo

    Hi, can you tell me whether the cuff you are wearing was in brass or gold-plated material? And is the colour in yellowish tone in real? Cheers!

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