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When Elle’s not running marathons and looking amazingly stylish (see here), she’s shopping like it’s her job. Because technically, it is. She’s the senior arts and culture editor at WGSN, which means she’s good at unearthing cool things, particularly stores, in various cities. That’s why I asked Elle to put together this handy and discerning list of boutiques she loves:


10 Corso Como, Milan

Elle says: “Founded by the inimitable Carla Sozzani, one of the two most famous sisters in Italian fashion, 10 Corso Como sells a mix of high-end, catwalk fashion with quirky lifestyle items mixed in. Most notably, the store houses a revered gallery and a great bookshop. Exhibitions include works by David Bailey and Annie Leibovitz.

The store branding created by Sozzani’s partner, artist Kris Ruhs, is beautiful. She also collaborated with the notoriously private Azzedine Alaïa, and for that alone I hail her.  There is a sister store in Seoul, which I’m yet to visit, but it’s next on my list.”


Shopping & Styling Ideas From The March Mags


For me, the start of a new season means culling for ideas. I try to figuring out what I want to buy, how I want to look, and then prioritize my shopping. This season I flipped through the March magazines for inspiration. Here’s what I found:

Buy tall gladiator sandals: Last summer I came across this image of Solange performing at the Northside festival and I immediately wanted a tall sandal. I like that the tall gladiator is flat, a must during the summer time, but also sexy and somewhat dramatic. I envision these instantly elevating a pair of denim shorts or a longer skirt/dress.


Style Profile: Maryellis


So far, the women covered on the site have been at least 30. That hasn’t been purposeful, but I do think it takes time and wisdom to wear clothes well and know what works for you. Maryellis, a 20-something Parsons student, is an exception to that rule.

I met Maryellis while she was interning at my job. I was immediately taken by her outfits. She definitely has her own point of view. I can’t really describe her style in a succinct way, but it’s clear she isn’t driven by trends or a lot of thought. While I tend to over analyze every clothing and accessory purchase I make, Maryellis seems to pick up things up on a whim (like vintage fur earmuffs and a fur pill box hat). But instead of just amassing a bunch of beautiful things that sit in a closet, she actually wears these pieces. I hate this word, but her style is effortless. The labor comes in on the back end, when she’s thrifting or vintage shopping. Maryellis taught me to think less about everything I purchase. That doesn’t mean I’m throwing out practicality completely, I don’t think she shops that way, but I do mean being less rigid about it. You’ll see why.


The It Bracelet

Maryellis (left) and Kristen Naiman (right) wearing Miansai screw cuff bracelet

Want to know what many of the women in my life want/wear? The Miansai screw cuff bracelet. Kristen Naiman introduced me to the bracelet during her style profile interview, and then Maryellis, whose style profile goes up this week (!) was also wearing the cuff when we shot her. THEN my colleague and friend Sarah mentioned a $400 bracelet she wants. I balked at the idea until she pulled up a picture of this bracelet in sterling silver. I completely understand why it’s popular. It’s really good design. Simple and industrial, but interesting. Will it make its way on my to-buy list? Possibly. But I’m not in a jewelry buying mood currently. As a matter of fact, I haven’t quite mastered jewelry. We’ll talk about that later. But isn’t this bracelet really good?

A Week Of Wearing My Favorite Winter Purchases

Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket; vintage fisherman's sweater; H&M pencil skirt;

One day I decided that instead of pining for warmer weather, I would embrace these last couple weeks of cold temps, wear my favorite winter purchases, and document them on Instagram. You should try it. The exercise didn’t completely cleanse me of my strong desire for some heat and sunshine, but it did put things in a new, less depressing perspective. It also allowed me to take stock of what I actually bought over the past six or seven months and what I still want to buy. Here goes:

Day 1

What I wore: Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket (NEW); vintage fisherman’s sweater (NEW); H&M pencil skirt (NEW); Uterque boots (OLD).

Thoughts on new purchases: I’m happy with all of these purchases. The flight jacket was a Christmas gift, that I asked for, and it adds a touch of casual street wear to my typically dressy outfits. The fisherman’s sweater, which I bought from a vintage seller at the Brooklyn Flea for like $28, is so amazing. Do you see the dramatic turtleneck trying to take over my face?!?  And the H&M pencil skirt is a basic I will wear all year long on the weekends or to work.


All Things: Azza Yousif

Have you ever noticed Azza Yousif? She’s not as omnipresent in the street style circuit as say Anna Della Russo. I assume that’s because she mainly attends the men’s shows in Europe (Yousif is the fashion editor at Vogue Hommes International). Every time I spot her in photos I quickly slide them to my desktop.

Whenever I see someone with great style that resonates with me, I want to know everything about them, hence the Style Profiles on the site. But since I’m in New York and Yousif is in Europe, a Google search will have to suffice for now. That’s what “All Things: Insert Name” is about. It’s a filtered Google search realized on the site. Want to know about her beauty routine? Read her Top Shelf on Into The Gloss. Want to hear her talk? Watch this video from The Outnet. Want to see what she wears? See below.

Photos courtesy of style.com, le-21eme.com, NYmag.com, and All-theprettybirds.com

My Life In Vogue Video Series

Style should fold into your life, not consume it. That’s why I really enjoyed watching this “My Life in Vogue” video series. Enjoy: www.vogue.com/mylifeinvogue.

Feels Fresh: Turtlenecks

Chioma Nnadi

I was looking through pre-fall 2014 shows trying to conjure up New York Fashion Week outfit ideas and for the first time in a long time a turtleneck made its way on my to-buy list. I did end up purchasing one (on Amazon for like $30) and wore it a couple times throughout the week. I wore it under a black blazer and a black coat dress. It was a layering piece that lent new life to old pieces. This must be a shared sentiment because everyone was wearing a turtleneck on and off the runways. It’s one of the few pieces that’s as chic as it is juvenile. Don’t you remember wearing a turtleneck under your sweater as a child? Either way, they feel fresh and I look forward to wearing it through the season.


Taylor Tomasi Hill Daphne Javitch (left); Veronika Heilbrunner (right)


Leandra Medine

Eva Chen (left); Yasmin Sewell (right)

Photos courtesy of Style.com, Vogue.com, and aloveisBlind.com


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