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One summer during college I had this well paying government job where I spent some of my time doing light office work and most of my time browsing the Internet like it was nobody’s business. I distinctly remember the moment when I was determined to find a site that featured pictures of stylish women and what they wear. What a novel concept, right? This was in 2005 or 2006 I believe, before personal style blogs flooded the Web.


Style Profile: Sarah Brook


I met Sarah while interning for Visual Therapy, a boutique creative agency. She spent most of her time styling real women and helping them build their wardrobes. On the surface it sounds like a fun task, and I’m sure it is, but there’s something really daunting about being semi-responsible for what a woman puts on her body. I can’t help but want to high five people like Sarah who devote their time to making sure that other women look great while still looking really great themselves.

That’s why I emailed Sarah to profile her for the site. I always remembered her style sitting perfectly between aspirational and approachable. It was practical but nowhere near boring. It makes complete sense that now she works for The Line, that smart e-commerce concept that’s stocked with pared down essentials. Sarah is the director of experience for The Apartment, The Line’s aptly named retail space/showroom. She’s still helping women navigate clothes and still looking great while doing it, but there is one slight change. She’s pregnant! And she’s teeming with advice and insight on getting dressed while expecting. Read on to see her maternity brand of choice (you might be surprised) and how she adjusted to her new shape.


Maryellis’ Take On Festival Style

Maryellis at the Govenor's Ball

Remember Maryellis? (more…)

Building A Summer Shoe Wardrobe

Summer Shoe Options

It’s sandal season. That time of the year when having a pedicure (or not) dictates your outfit. I had a pedicure (a rare occurrence) and decided to throw on a pair of silver Zara sandals that I proudly purchased last year. I slid them on, glanced in the mirror, and checked them out from a couple different angles. I immediately wanted to take them off. (more…)

Brand To Watch: Clyde

Clyde spring/summer 2014 look book

I’m not sure how I found out about Clyde. I think I came across Dani Griffiths, the designer, first. A picture of her was in Lucky Magazine and I liked her style so I proceeded to Google her. Then her hat line popped up. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen really. The shapes are modern and interesting and the look book styling is spot-on. Then this past weekend when we profiled Sarah Brook, a really stylish woman who was nice enough to let us shoot her while pregnant, she had the Pinch hat, and it looked amazing.

My hair is curly, short, and natural (it’s not the most conducive to a structured hat), but I’m determined to find one for the warmer weather. These prices would be an investment for me, but I think it’s worth it. Hats are what I call a style indicator. The rest of your outfit can be mundane, but the right hat can bring everything to a different level. Anyone of these Clyde hats could do that, but I’m leaning towards the straw one with a flat top and wide brim (see above). There’s more after the jump.


What I Purchased In Paris From Saint-Ouen Flea Market

Fur coat from Saint-Ouen flea market in Paris

I spent three days in Paris, which was good and bad. Bad in the obvious way (there wasn’t enough time to explore the city), but good in the sense that I could have done some real financial damage if I had more time to shop. It’s pretty much a rule that I go into a few vintage stores or peruse a flea market whenever I visit a new city (or town). Not only do I have a strong affinity for second hand clothes, but shopping this way works for my budget.


What I Observed About French Style

The prefect depiction of French style

I visited Paris for the first time a couple weeks ago. As much as I would love to attend fashion week there, it was nice to see the city outside of that context. I was able to really get a feel for how French women dress and to be quite frank, see what the big effing deal is (which I kind of touched on here.)

I just want to start by saying I love the way French women dress, but I don’t aspire to look French. I know a lot of people do, and I definitely identify with their practicality and sensibility, but I like color, print, and other things that err on the side of obnoxious a bit too much. As a five year resident of New York City, it’s easy to be jaded, and well, unfazed by things the rest of the world squeals about, but I was truly taken aback by Paris. The style there, especially after a week long trip in London (another city that I love) was a refreshing palette cleanser. The picture above, which I sneakily took from a cab, perfectly depicts what I mean and other things I mention below. Here’s what else I observed:


What I Want To Wear This Spring/Summer

Spring/Summer 2014 Wardrobe Inspiration

All of a sudden I care about looking sexy. Well, my own version of sexy. For me that’s men’s button downs, pointy toe mules and body hugging midi length skirts. Nothing too revealing, but a silhouette that’s a little bit closer to the body than what I’m used to. In contrast, I’m also really intrigued by activewear. Sport influences are nothing new, but it just feels right to add at least one athletic reference to an outfit. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what I’m thinking about for spring/summer:


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