Style Profile: Ashta Hunter & Elizabeth Benzing, Founders of Tomboy BKLYN


Sometimes when a word is so overused it loses its significance. That’s how I feel about curate. Thanks to the Internet, everyone is a curator. That’s fine, but it’s important to recognize the people who are actually good at it. Ashta Hunter and Elizabeth Benzing of Tomboy BKLYN are great at it. Their Tumblr account is filled with beautiful images of women wearing looks that are part androgynous, part street, part active, and all the way cool. It’s a look that’s having a moment, but I’m drawn to their Tumblr because it depicts a mood that goes beyond the fleeting nature of fashion. And cudos to them for showcasing beautiful women of ALL ethnicities.

Their wardrobes are equally as impressive. Both Hunter and Benzing are designers who work for major brands, which means they’ve travelled the world looking for inspiration and have collected some amazing pieces along the way. Read on to see their secrets for getting discounted designer items, why we all need to go to Korea, and what clothes we’re spending too much money on. (And check out their newly launched site!)

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What Everyone Will Be Wearing During NYFW


Each fashion week there are a few items that reach ubiquity. One season it was the Cambridge Satchel bag, another season it was friendship bracelets, and last season I told colleagues to “follow the neon beanie” if they ever needed to find a fashion show.

Ubiquity could have a negative connotation, but I don’t think it has to. I typically avoid items during their peak of popularity, but these pieces or logos are omnipresent for a reason. (more…)

Can We Talk About Solange Knowles’ Festival Outfits?

Solange Knowles performance and festival outfits

I could turn this post into a long essay praising Solange and her style, but I won’t. I just simply wanted to showcase her festival/performance looks, which are super stylish, but also very appropriate for real life. Well, at least my real life as journalist working for a trend forecasting firm in New York City. Because I’m so enamored with her style, I was happy to see her on the cover of Lucky, but a little underwhelmed by the story. Here’s why:


10 Style Profile Takeaways


Last year around this time I started to reach out to women to be featured on this site. It was daunting. I was essentially saying, “Hi, I don’t know you, but I think you’re stylish. Can I come into your house, ask you questions, and have my photographer shoot you wearing your favorite outfits?” Thankfully, a few people obliged and here we are now with profiles from six creative, smart, and of course stylish women (and more on the way!).

I’ve walked away from each interview and shoot feeling inspired and lucky. All of the subjects have taught me something and enabled me to think about style and other things in a new way. To celebrate this one year anniversary, I’ve decided to roundup some key takeaways from each profile. Read on if you want tips for shopping at Zara or navigating and thrift store, and most importantly, discovering your personal style. Enjoy!


The Perfect Crop Top

White Zara crop top seen at Brooklyn Flea

I’ve probably spent the past two summers searching for a basic, cotton crop top that I can wear to work and on the weekends. (more…)

Style Profile: Tiffany Jow


I met Tiffany while interning for her at a magazine in Washington, DC. I hope I don’t offend anyone from DC (I’m technically from that area), but Tiffany was an exciting respite from the conservatively dressed Washington women. At that time, their uniform consisted of running sneakers paired with socks and ill fitting skirt suits. Tiffany was, and still is, the antithesis of that. She had bleach blonde hair, a penchant for black, and a creative way with clothes.

Now Tiffany is living and working amongst New York City’s well-dressed residents, but she still stands out (just ask Scott Schuman). Profiling her reminded me that you should treat your wardrobe like a collection and fill it with pieces that you love. And these pieces don’t have to be rare or really expensive. In fact, most of Tiffany’s beautiful dresses are under $25. She epitomizes the reason why I started this site. I wanted to cover real women working within real budgets that still manage to look great and be inspired. Read on to see her smart tip for shopping at Beacon’s Closet and how it felt to be shot by The Sartorialist.


Olivia Palermo’s Day-To-Day Outfits

Olivia Palermo Outfits

It’s not difficult to dismiss someone’s personal style when they have money, access, and an easy-to-dress body.Yes, access to nice things could help someone look better, but the way you wear clothes is something innate. Olivia Palermo knows how to wear clothes. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her not look good. That’s why I was excited to see that she’s posting 30 days worth of outfits on her blog.

Dressing for fashion week and red carpet events is one thing, but seeing what someone wears on a day-to-day basis is much more telling (I could spend hours clicking through’s Today I’m Wearing feature). She could have taken all of these pictures at once, but for the sake of this post I’ll presume that this is what she’s worn in real-time throughout July. I like that she looks put together but still casual. I like that she mixes her ASOS with her Tibi. I like that she’s not afraid of color and print. And I like that she wears a hat. I could go on, but click through for more outfits.


July 4th Outfit Inspiration

I’ve always found that it’s much easier to dress up than dress down. I’ve also found that getting dressed for New York City’s summer heat, particularly on the weekends, is no small feat. I always feel best when my clothes feel a bit structured or tailored, and that’s much easier to achieve during the fall/winter months. That’s why I put together this post. These are my ideal outfits for today, July 4th, and beyond. They are casual but still polished; simple but still stylish. And, if you need an extra oommph, I’ve found that a red lip makes every outfit feel a bit more special. Click through to see more outfits.


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