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What Elle Wears (Elle: Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; Day 4; Day 5)
The Brits do it better in terms of style. Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I literally got excited while clicking through what the Elle UK editors wore to London Fashion Week.

Natalie Hartly (Natalie Hartley Wears)
Speaking of Brits with good style, have you heard of Natalie Hartly? She’s the InStyle UK editor whose outfits are both inventive and practical.

The Coveteur (Kate Foley)
Kate Foley and her clothes. Enough said.

I Love Your Style (Classic Fashion)
Amanda Brooks, former Barneys’ fashion director turned English country dweller, underscores the importance of investing in classic designer pieces.

The Frugality
Found this blog on Wearing It Today, and I was smitten with the author’s outfits and penchant for smart spending.

Photo courtesy of Elle


Style Profile: Christina Kolbe

Christina11980s Iron Maiden tee, East West Musicals jacket, Acne jeans

As I said in a previous post, this site is not a personal style blog. I have nothing against personal style blogs. I spend a lot of time on them, but I wanted this site to mainly be about other women. I could spend hours clicking through street style images, but being the intensely curious girl that I am, I’m always left wanting more. Where did they buy that? Why did they buy that? What does their closet look like? How did they develop their style? The list goes on and on. That’s why I created this site.

I met Christina at her Brooklyn vintage store Mafalda, which has sadly closed. Each time I visited the shop, I noticed her outfit. I remember one occasion when she was wearing gym clothes and she still looked chic. There’s a quiet allure about Christina. The first thing that comes to mind when describing her style is sophisticated, but it’s so much more than that. There’s personality in her aesthetic, meaning you can tell she has fun with clothes, but she comes across as refined and also really cool. I walked away from our conversation wanting to buy less and invest more in classic designer pieces. She also made me reconsider my love for Zara. You’ll see why.


What I Wore to New York Fashion Week

Here’s the follow up from last week’s NYFW prep post. I promise you this site is NOT a personal style blog. I’ve just always been intrigued by outfit backstories, therefore I figured I should share my own. Overall I was happy with my fashion week outfits. I felt comfortable, stylish, and confident each day, and that’s always the main goal. I’m also proud of how much I wore that I already owned. So often we look at our closets and focus on what isn’t there, but taking the time to think about outfits and play with what you have typically presents a lot more possibilities than you would expect.


Day 1: The white dress is an H&M find from about two or three years ago. The floral Vans are a collaboration with Liberty of London that I bought this summer, and the lavender (or wisteria) bag is by J. Crew. Bought this at the beginning of the year. I like this outfit. I always want to be comfortable during fashion week because there is a lot of running around. I wore this with a red lip, which I’m finding is very transformative. And as you will see in the following pictures, I’m having a love affair with pops of white. I might try to keep it up for the fall/winter season.


Monday Style Links

Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl: Chelsea Zalopany (Vogue)
Since street style photographers tend to avert their attention to top Vogue staffers (i.e. Anna Wintour or Meredith Melling Burke), it’s always nice to see what a junior editor wears.

On The Streets of London (The Man Repeller)
Leandra Medine compares London Fashion Week street style to New York’s and questions why there’s a “sense of ease and carelessness in London that doesn’t exist on our side of the Atlantic.”

#30DaysofKarla (W Magazine’s Instagram)
W Magazine documents what fashion market and accessories director Karla Martinez wears every day during fashion month.

7 Fall Looks From The Coolest Market Editor (Refinery29)
In addition to her spot-on fall outfits, Lucky’s new fashion market editor Laurel Pantin offers sage advice on working in the fashion industry.

Laurel Pantin, Market Editor of Lucky Magazine: A Stylish Life (Look TV)
And while we’re talking about Laurel, why not watch this semi short video on her stylish life?

Photo courtesy of Vogue

How I Prep For New York Fashion Week

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes, I plan what I wear during fashion week. I’ve always been this way. Pre-adulthood, I would get downright giddy thinking about back-to-school shopping and my first week of outfits. NYFW prep gives me that same feeling, it’s just a bit more amplified.

For me, New York Fashion Week outfit prep is not about figuring out what’s going to get me shot by street style photographers. I could care less about that. I simply enjoy clothes and I want to feel good about myself in a room full of well-dressed people.

Full disclosure: I don’t borrow anything nor do brands offer to lend me a week’s worth of clothes nor do I utilize press discounts. I’m not against those things, I just like to be as transparent as possible. I’m a “real” girl with a VERY real budget. Below are my rules for fashion week prep. Next week I will post my final outfits.

 1. Get inspired

It’s helpful to remind yourself of what you like. For example, I have a notebook that’s stuffed with magazine tear sheets of outfits or pieces of clothing that I’m drawn to. It’s also helpful to look at street style from previous fashion weeks to get a feel for what people wear and ultimately what you want to wear. I’m a big fan of A Love is Blind. The photographer Sandra Semburg has a discerning eye and isn’t looking for the most outlandish outfit that’s fit for an editorial. This transitions nicely into my next rule.


5 Favorite NYFW Street Style Subjects

New York Fashion Week presents a lot of outfit eye candy, but there’s always a few women who stand out. It’s very apparent who is trying to get shot by street style photographers. I’m not really interested in those women. Instead, I’m inspired by outfits that have an element of ease; women who have a quiet confidence and look completely comfortable in their clothes; women with a singular, non-generic style. The five women below are my favorite NYFW street style subjects and they all embody that lengthy description I just gave.



Yasmin Sewell: I spotted Yasmin at the Band of Outsiders show and her off-the-shoulder dress felt really glamourous yet nonchalant. But I wouldn’t describe Yasmin’s look as glamorous. It’s definitely feminine, but she typically wears an unexpected statement accessory that’s just plain cool. For example, the the Nicholas Kirkwood pumps, or the bowler hat, or the Eddie Borgo spiked necklace. Or maybe it’s just the haircut? No. It’s everything combined.


Daphne Javitch: Sam, my colleague, shot Daphne outside of the Adam Selman presentation. She just looked really cool. If you were to describe her outfit to someone (a shapeless Marques Almedia denim camo dress, reflective lens sunglasses, mini wedge espadrilles, and a small white tote) it could sound all over the place, but everything melds together beautifully. Daphne has a knack for making disparate items look not so disparate.


Laura Vidrequin: This is my first fashion week season seeing Laura, who I’m guessing is French. There’s definitely a tomboy element to her look, but what I’m most intrigued by is the simplicity. Unlike many other NYFW attendees, she doesn’t look fussy or overdone, but her outfits still make a statement. There’s no arm, ring, or ear party. It’s just a simple clutch, great shoes, and a really good outfit.


Unknown Chloe Kerman: I’m not sure who this girl is (found out this is Chloe Kerman, the fashion editor of Garage magazine), but The Sartorialist shot her a few times and I see why. There’s a vintage quality to her aesthetic, but it looks really fresh. She obviously loves a dress and her kelly green bag, which oddly seems to match everything. There’s also those Prada lug sole sandals (I want the boots) and neon orange toes that add a wow element.

Kate Foley: There’s an art to wearing non body-con clothes but still looking feminine/glamorous, and Kate Foley has mastered it.

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Monday Style Links

Eva Chen’s Fashion Week Diary (The Cut)

Enjoyed reading the stories behind Eva Chen’s fashion week outfits. I also enjoyed her frankness: “I own all the things that I’m wearing, which I suppose is a somewhat novel concept.”

What Our Editors Wore To NYFW (Refinery29)
Once again, I’m always intrigued by outfit backstories. Each of these editors looks great, but Christene Barberich’s outfits almost make my heart palpitate. I must peruse eBay stat.

Hot Shots: The Best Street Style At NYFW (Fashionologie)
322 street style shots. Click away.

Get Inspired By NYFW Street Style (The Zoe Report)
A transitioning into fall outfit idea courtesy of NYFW.

PTO Man: Pino Pipolli (Put This On)
A short video profile on a stylish man living in Milan.

The Sartorialist for AOL On (AOL)
For the first episode of his AOL webseries, Scott Schuman details his love affair with Milan and its stylish people.

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

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