Making the Case for Nike Air Rifts


nike-air-rift-red-jd-sports-exclusives-2I’m currently drawn to the Nike Air Rift sneaker. I don’t know when that happened, but all of a sudden I’m seeing girls wear them in a non-athleisure way and I like how it looks. They are a departure from the sneakers of the moment (Stan Smiths, slip on Vans, etc.), which is refreshing. And I presume they are incredibly comfortable. Will I actually buy them? Possibly. If so, I would probably go for either red or black and wear them with cropped trousers and denim. Click through to see how other girls are wearing them.



Do you recognize the blonde? That’s Karen Brown who we shot last year along with her sister Sara. Her outfit, as usual, is spot on. I was on the fence about purchasing them because I didn’t know if they would work during the winter, but the lovely lady on the left is wearing them with socks and I like the look. I probably will just bite the bullet and get them.

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