What I Liked From New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is done. My main focus was on men’s, as I cover that category for WWD, but I’m a woman who wears/loves clothes and is always looking for inspiration. Hence this site. Here’s what caught my eye during NYFW spring 2016.

Creatures of Comfort RTW Spring 2016

1. Creatures of Comfort’s spring 2016 collection: It’s very rare that I want to wear every look from a collection, but that was the case for the Creatures of Comfort show. The color and easy breezy silhouettes got me. See entire collection here.


Alexander Wang RTW Spring 2016

2. Alexander Wang’s chain link earrings: I’m an earring girl and while I was impressed by his 10th anniversary collection all together, the first thing I wanted to pluck from the runway were these chain link earrings.


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3. Patty Lu & Megan Gray. How cute are they? I guess this is a styling duo that work together and coordinate their outfits during fashion month. I thought they looked great.



4. Denim. You want to look cool? Wear denim. Denim is a staple for me, but most of the outfits I was drawn to included some sort of high waisted, cropped jeans. I love how Giorgia Tordini pairs her denim with a silk top and ladylike kitten heels.



5. SOLANGE. I’m so happy she, an afro wearing black girl, has a presence at New York Fashion Week. And the outfits?!? It’s clear she’s moved on from print and pattern and is focusing now on color, which she wears so well.



6. Mansur Gavriel presentation: I’m sad that some of their shoes are complete knock offs of Maryam Nasir Zaddeh’s, but I think their expansion beyond the bucket bag is working out nicely for them.


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7. Jenna Lyons/J. Crew’s spring 2016 presentation: Why isn’t J. Crew doing well? Well, what goes up has to come down and I have a feeling that they’ve been chasing fashion instead of their core customers. Also, the quality and sizing is questionable. BUT, I loved their spring 2016 presentation and I loved what Jenna Lyons wore to it. Madras, stripes and gingham are my favorites. See collection here.


Derek Lam RTW Spring 2016

8. Derek Lam: If my clothing budget was unlimited, my wardrobe would probably be mostly made up of Derek Lam. He always references the ’70s, which is my decade of choice in regards to silhouette, and his spring 2016 collection, which was inspired by Nina Simone, didn’t disappoint. See collection here.



9. Organic by John Patrick styling: I’m always a fan of John Patrick’s collections, but this season the styling with the running sneakers caught my eye. I have a pair of New Balance sneakers and I’m always looking for cool ways to wear them. I’m probably going to recreate some of Patrick’s looks. See full collection here.


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