My Theory Behind Impulse Splurging

acne new powder parka jerome knit

Over the weekend I spent a lot of money on the two items pictured above.

Well for me it was a lot of money. I’m usually very methodical about all of my clothing purchases whether they are expensive or not, but on Saturday something just came over me. It was the lure of the sales mixed with a desire to invest in a couple of nice things rather than accumulate a bunch of so so things.

I went to Creatures of Comfort to try on this bag, but I came across a rack of heavily discounted Acne. I tried on this Acne sweatshirt, which wasn’t on sale, but the lovely store associate brought me this Acne zip up bomber sweater in navy, which was originally around $450 and marked down to $250. The fit was perfect. Boxy and cropped enough to wear with my high waist trousers and skirts. I’m also a big sucker for navy. So I took the plunge.

Then I meandered over to Steven Alan where there was an extra 25 percent off of already reduced merchandise. I came across another Acne item. This time a down coat that was originally $1,000 and was now $570. It tried it on, consulted with the sales associate, stood in the fitting room for 15 minutes, then bought it.

I don’t regret either of the purchases. Why?  Because thankfully I could afford them and they were practical. Impulse splurging mostly connotes shiny, statement making things that you reserve for special occasions.  But for me, if I’m going to spend a lot of money on something that I haven’t planned on buying, it’s going to be a wardrobe workhorse. The pieces I know I’m going to wear over and over and over.


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