My Solution For Being Broke And Uninspired

Unique Thrift Store in Falls Church, Virginia
Thrifting is pretty magical. Sifting through racks and racks of used clothing may not appear to be magical, but it offers so much promise. I don’t want to glamorize it because I’m sure that many people associate thrift stores with childhood embarrassment. I’m sure it wouldn’t be as appealing if I HAD to solely shop at second hand shops. But a big warehouse that’s filled to the brim with gems and junk is my go-to when I don’t have much money or I’m less than excited about by my clothes.

I don’t do a lot of thrifting in New York City. I indulge when I go home, Northern Virginia (although Kristen Naiman did mention how great the Cancer Care thrift shop on the Upper East Side is). But I have a rule: anything I buy must be something I would actually wear. Like today. Or tomorrow. The item has to fold into my wardrobe. That’s why I wanted to do this post. To show that you can find really great basics at a thrift store. I think I found a bunch of pieces from the same woman’s wardrobe. I imagine that she’s around 60, recently retired, and wanted to get rid of workwear basics she bought in the 80s or 90s. Thanks! Here’s what I bought from Unique Thrift Store in Falls Church, Virginia:

Black Jones blazer, $6.99
Jones New York Blazer, $6.99
Jones New York trousers, $5.99Jones New York trousers, $5.99
Collarless blazer, $11.99
Rena Rowen for Saville Row blazer, $11.99
Talbots trousers, $6.99
Talbots trousers, $6.99

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