My New Year’s Style Resolution

turquoise jewelry

I’m pretty pared down when it comes to jewelry. I usually rely on a statement earring and that’s that, but I’ve always had a thing for turquoise. 

A couple of weekends ago I hosted my mother in the city. We stopped by the Brooklyn Flea and I kept coming across beautiful pieces of turquoise jewelry.

My mom collects sterling silver. She piles on silver bracelets, rings, and usually wears some sort of silver hoop. I love how it looks, but it requires a certain level of effort that I haven’t wanted to exert.

Now that’s changed and for 2016 and I want to start collecting turquoise. I imagine it will be a nice addition to my casual and more formal outfits. I’m probably going to purchase vintage pieces like this beautiful bracelet, this bangle and these earrings. But I also have my eye on new pieces like these spiked Pamela Love earrings or this simple ring.

Also, have you heard of Stackers boxes? I recently received one for Christmas and being able to see everything I own has made a world of difference in the morning while getting dressed.



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