My Favorite Street Style Subjects From S/S 2016


This season didn’t bring many new faces to the street style circuit, but there were plenty of good outfits that felt relatable, sensical and cool. A few of the women I highlight this season have outfit formulas that just work, which made me think about my go-to pieces and what I feel best in. Here are the women who piqued my interest this season. See previous roundups here, here and here.


New York Fashionweek SS2016, day 4


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Who: Brie Welch, fashion editor at Garance Dore; Patty Lu, stylist; and Megan Bowman Gray, stylist. Instagram: @briesarawelch; @littleom; @meganbowmangray

Patty Lu and Megan Bowman Gray seem to be a styling duo, and that came through in their perfectly coordinated outfits, which were very fun. Then there was the addition Brie Welch, who wore denim so well and was relatively understated but she still stood out.

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Who: Jenny Walton
Instagram: @JennyMWalton

Jenny Walton is back again this season. Why? Because I couldn’t NOT highlight her outfits. She also speaks to what I mentioned earlier about having a formula. Her formula, well at least for fashion week, was a high waist statement skirt paired with a blouse and delicate heel. The silhouette changed slightly, but she worked within fixed parameters, which I think is a good thing. It makes shopping and getting dressed easier.





Who: Giorgia Tordini, stylist and creative consultant
Instagram: @giorgiatordini

Giorgia isn’t a new face, but this season she stood out for me. I think it’s because she looks so elegant, but not too fussy. I also like that none of her outfits are too trendy. You can tell these are pieces that she wears on a day-to-day basis. Also, she clearly is all about quality, which is something I’ve been thinking more and more about as I approach 30.





Who: Vogue staffers including Chioma Nnadi, Alessandra Codhina and Kelly Connor
Instagram: @nnadibynature; @atcodhina; @kellymcdc

It’s no surprise that the women who work for Vogue are stylish. What intrigued me is that they all manage to be stylish without being overt about it or at least appearing as if it’s something they think about a lot. I’ve always been a fan of Chioma’s outfits. She’s the pretty brown girl in the top picture wearing the patchwork denim. Chioma has a way with vintage. I vacillate between wanting to wear quirky outfits like Chioma and wanting to look chic like Giorgia.

Photos via Vogue, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, A Love Is Blinde and The Cut.

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