My Favorite Street Style Subjects From Fashion Month

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It’s that time of the year again when I obsessively click through fashion month street style galleries in attempt to find women with compelling outfits and style. It’s not a hard task, but as the street style game becomes more and more about product placement rather than style, it’s a task that makes me appreciate photographers such as Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, Garance Doré, and Sandra Sternberg of A Love is Blind. They seek out the subtle nuances of style, which can be surprisingly scarce when most people are trying to mimic a fashion editorial. Here’s who caught my eye during fashion month. (I’ve done this before: here and here).





Who: Jenny Walton
Instagram: @JennyMWalton

Thanks, Scott Schuman, for taking a liking to Jenny Walton, the illustrator behind Markers and Microns. During a time when dressing casually seems to be the default, it’s nice to see someone like Jenny who manages to look like she’s from a different era while still appearing very modern. I’m also a sucker for a woman who knows how to work with vintage, and I believe that gorgeous green suede trench is from Beacon’s Closet (according to Jenny’s Instagram).



Who: Felicity Sargent
Instagram: @felicityasargent

Garance Doré has shot Felicity before, and I’m glad she caught her during New York Fashion Week. Remember Claire Beerman? Well I called her out last season because there’s personality emanating from her outfits. I feel the same way about Felicity, a writer and app creator who makes pieces from Joe Fresh come across as vintage finds. And how can you not look twice at that oversized fur scarf that’s almost suffocating her face (but in the best way possible)? I love it when women integrate offbeat pieces into their everyday wardrobe. I’ll talk more about that later.





Who: Rachael Wang

I remember our resident photographer Sam shooting Rachael a few seasons ago when she worked for Glamour and her style has definitely evolved. I don’t know if that’s because she works at now or if she’s just drawn to different things, but this season her outfits, which had to span all four cities, were just spot on. I get the feeling she’s pulled product, which is usually a turn off for me, but in this case the styling and the pieces are so individual that I don’t care. Like that clever Wu-Tang bag or that tweed dress coat. It’s not easy to dress refined and also fun, but Rachael mastered it this fashion month.







Who: Veronika Heilbrunner
Instagram: @veronikaheilbrunner

Aside from just having great style, I chose Veronika because she completely understands her body and what looks good on her. She’s tall and skinny with an athletic build, and while that’s nothing to complain about, I’m sure (as with all non-average body types) that it’s not always easy to find clothes that don’t make her look shapeless. She dresses in either structured or fluid pieces that perfectly frame and drape her body. She also manages to wear of-the-moment pieces without looking too trendy.

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