Kristen and Her Coats

Kristen and her coats                                 Left: Paul & Joe Coat; Right: Isabel Marant peacoat 

Kristen and her coats                      Left: Commes des Garcons cape; Right: Margiela for H&M men’s coat

Coats are definitely on the brain, so when I stopped by Kristen’s apartment to shoot and interview her for a style profile, I knew I wanted to do a separate post on her outerwear. Kristen has amassed a collection of classic, timeless outerwear that perfectly complements her wardrobe. Here’s what she has to say about her coats:

Let’s talk about your coats:

I would say coats are my favorite. They are probably my best pieces. My favorite place to shop in the world is Le Bon Marché in Paris. It’s so crazy old school. I always buy a couple things there every season. I looked at all of these coats there last year and this (Paul & Joe coat) was really the best one. It was so classic and really well made.

How many coats do you buy each season?

I really try only to buy one coat each season. I haven’t bought any this season. Last year I bought this Paul & Joe coat, a Commes de Garcons cape, and the Margiela for H&M camel men’s coat.

What are you thinking about this season as far as coats?

If I were going to buy a coat this season, which I’m not actually sure if I will do at all, it would probably be that green Celine coat. The color is insane. It’s so classic and rich. I’m obsessed with the Dries monkey fur coat. I usually love real fur — I’m Russian — but right now I’m really feeling this sort of nappy faux fur. It feels glamourous right now. I also like the Saint Laurent double breasted men’s coat.

Do you like to buy men’s coats?

I like to buy men’s clothes. They tend to be more classic and  timeless. My biggest problem is that I’m so small and finding ones that fit is not so easy, but Saint Laurent is cut smaller. I’m totally obsessed with finding somewhere between a sand and nutmeg color suede men’s bomber. I want one that’s totally clean with a knit collar, knit sleeves, and a knit bottom. I looked in Paul Stewart and I looked in a bunch of men’s stores in Paris, but I’ve had a really hard time finding one that’s tiny and fits just right.

Photos by Sam Aldenton. Check back next week for Kristen’s full style profile.

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