How To Wear Culottes And Not Look Too Trendy


I keep hearing this notion that the “trend is dead.” But I don’t believe that at all. It might be less prevalent, but trends are still around and they still impact what I choose to purchase/wear. I don’t run away from trends, but if EVERYONE is wearing it, I usually try to abstain. For instance, Stan Smiths are a great shoe, but I just can’t partake. They are on the feet of one too many girls in New York City. But what happens when a trendy item is a staple for you? That’s the question I’m asking myself about culottes.


They are officially EVERY.WHERE, but I love them. They work for my shape and my sensibility. I’ve considered the Rachel Comey Legion pants, which now come in off white and black, these J. Crew options and these from Madewell, but I haven’t actually haven’t purchased any this season.


I’m probably thinking about it too much, but if you are questioning the trend as I am, consider the outfits above and below along with these suggestions: Buy denim culottes first before you buy any other fabric option. They are seasonless and you will get more wear out of them; wear them with a matching blazer. It’s a classic look; don’t consider the more voluminous styles. I don’t think they flatter anyone; wear them with a cotton blouse. This can be a button-up tunic or classic shirt. It adds an ease to the on-trend item.


But ultimately you should wear what you want how you want. I’m just using these suggestions for myself as I spend too much time mulling over this topic.

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