How I’m Going To Shop This Season

Selfies in Band of Outsiders; Gap; All Saints; and Acne

After interviewing a few women over the past couple months (their style profiles will be live soon!), I realized how important it is to buy pieces that you love. Pieces that give you a feeling as soon as you put them on. Pieces that go the distance and work for your body and your lifestyle.

I’m always strategic about what I buy, but this season I’m being even more thoughtful about it. Why? I want nice things. I want to buy things that I will wear often and five or ten years down the line. It’s not a completely new approach, but here’s a breakdown of how I’m going to shop this season.

1. Going to stores: The internet is great, but being able to see, touch, and try on clothes or take fitting room selfies beats seeing things on a screen. I tend to frequent stores like H&M, J. Crew, Madewell, or Topshop, but this season I’ve made an extra effort to peruse Barneys, Saks, and boutiques including Tibi, Band of Outsiders, Acne, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t abandoned the high street, but being able to see what’s out there at every price point helps inform my purchases. Also being able to try things on is paramount for me. When it’s time to click purchase on that Acne coat (fingers crossed that will actually happen), I know what size and color suits me best. I’ve also signed up to receive emails from various multibrand boutiques that carry cool brands. These include Creatures of Comfort, Steven Alan, Totokaelo, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and more.

2. Creating a wish list: I do this every season and I do a pretty good job of sticking to it, but this season the list is larger. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, when sales time comes around there’s plenty of options to choose from if something sells out. Wish lists also help me stay on track. When I’m in store deciding whether or not I want a pair of printed culottes from Topshop, I’m able to say well I want that Phillip Lim sweater more so I will put my money towards that instead.

3. Going to sample sales: I’ve always gone to a few sample sales here and there, but I’m not a fan of the experience. The communal dressing rooms. The lines. The internal pressure to buy something just because it is heavily discounted. But because many of them are so close to my job, I think it’s worth at least checking them out. But I also go with a strategy, which I will post about next week.

4. Putting money aside for specific shopping events: I haven’t started this yet, but going forward I’d like to place a portion of each paycheck aside for specific times when I know things are going to be deeply discounted or I’m going to want to shop. For example, I want to put money aside for Black Friday, Opening Ceremony’s sample sale in December, vintage shopping in Miami during Art Basel, and the after Christmas sales. Instead of buying a bunch of filler stuff each paycheck, I want to put that money aside to buy really nice things when they are on sale.

We’ll see how this new approach goes. So far this season I’ve purchased sunglasses from an Elizabeth and James sample sale and a cashmere scarf from a White and Warren sample sale that I’ve been wanting for a while.

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