How Being Prepared Improves Your Style


If you haven’t realized this by now, I am a strong believer that style takes thought and effort. That’s why a few things from Garance Dore’s interview with Fashionista resonated with me. Specifically her thoughts about working with a celebrity stylist and being prepared:

“I’m always a last-minute person. [Working with her] taught me that if you’re well-prepared, you’re not going to fall into all the traps of the freak-out moments. It’s almost like dressing for fashion week. I realize how much better it is for me to make my looks beforehand because when fashion week hits, I don’t know who I am anymore. I see style everywhere. I lose my confidence. There is so much noise in my brain. That’s why I think working a little more organized, working with someone, having a tailor to help you make everything fit well — all these things also help you with your confidence and that’s the key to everything. That’s also one thing explained very clearly in the book, it can be fashion week, it can be the red carpet, it can be anywhere, you’re going to go through it. Have fun because at the end, that’s what’s important. If you’re [prepared], your outfit is going to help you instead of bring you down.”

Not everyone has access to a stylist nor the time to always plan outfits, but there’s a few things I do in order to be prepared and enjoy my outfits. They are as follows:

Play in my wardrobe: I sometimes allot 1-2 hours to come up with at least three outfits and then take pictures of them. A great way to start this is by choosing a couple pieces you haven’t worn in a while and creating as many outfits as you can with those pieces.

Take pictures of what you wear: Sam did this, and she said her outfits improved tremendously. Because we don’t always have time be creative in the AM, having images of fool-proof outfits helps.

Create a formula/uniform: I talked about this on the last post, but working within a formula/uniform makes shopping and getting dressed much more easy and efficient. But in order to get to that, you have to know what looks good on you and what you feel best in. My go to outfit is a collard shirt, high waist skirt, trousers or denim, and statement shoes. When in doubt, I typically default to that.

Photos via A Love is Blind and Garance Dore.


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