Feels Fresh: Turtlenecks

Chioma Nnadi

I was looking through pre-fall 2014 shows trying to conjure up New York Fashion Week outfit ideas and for the first time in a long time a turtleneck made its way on my to-buy list. I did end up purchasing one (on Amazon for like $30) and wore it a couple times throughout the week. I wore it under a black blazer and a black coat dress. It was a layering piece that lent new life to old pieces. This must be a shared sentiment because everyone was wearing a turtleneck on and off the runways. It’s one of the few pieces that’s as chic as it is juvenile. Don’t you remember wearing a turtleneck under your sweater as a child? Either way, they feel fresh and I look forward to wearing it through the season.


Taylor Tomasi Hill Daphne Javitch (left); Veronika Heilbrunner (right)


Leandra Medine

Eva Chen (left); Yasmin Sewell (right)

Photos courtesy of Style.com, Vogue.com, and aloveisBlind.com


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