Discovered: Maryam Nassir Zadeh Shoes

I’ve been thinking a lot about shoes lately. I’m good on the everyday boot front, but I need, well want, a winter shoe that makes a statement. After spending a lot of money on shoes I rarely wear, I’ve learned my lesson: I will never pay over $100 on a shoe I can’t commute in. I need a sensible heel. Sensible reads Easy Spirit, but it’s not. In fact, a lot of brands are producing statement-making shoes with sensible heels. Like Maryam Nassir Zadeh for instance.

I’ve heard of her store on numerous occasions, but I didn’t know she produced a private apparel line or footwear?!? Sensible heel: check. Off beat colors: check. Interesting silhouettes: check. Vintage yet modern feel: check! This is exactly what I look for in footwear.


Daphne Kitten Heel

Palma High Heel Sandal

Louisa Boot, $698

Maryam Heel, $398

Palma High Heel Sandal, $402

Daphne Kitten Heel, ON SALE for $144

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