Can We Talk About Solange Knowles’ Festival Outfits?

Solange Knowles performance and festival outfits

I could turn this post into a long essay praising Solange and her style, but I won’t. I just simply wanted to showcase her festival/performance looks, which are super stylish, but also very appropriate for real life. Well, at least my real life as journalist working for a trend forecasting firm in New York City. Because I’m so enamored with her style, I was happy to see her on the cover of Lucky, but a little underwhelmed by the story. Here’s why:

I wish they took more of a Garance Dore My Essentials approach. Or a Vouge UK Today I’m Wearing approach. Lucky is a magazine about personal style, right? I’m hoping Solange reads this, and answers these questions in some way. Or maybe she agrees to be profiled on the site (?!?!). But why didn’t Lucky cover her go-to spots in New Orleans? Or why didn’t they ask her about her last five purchases? Or her favorite new designers? Or how living in New Orleans has changed her style? Or how she manages to look great at every event, performance, etc? Or why wasn’t there video of her playing in her New Orleans’ closet? Does she work with a stylist? What’s the process? I want to know the process! I’m getting carried away and I rarely even think twice about what celebrities wear. But Solange is an exception, and if you, fashion publications, get a chance to interview her, please don’t waste it.

Photos courtesy of Fuck Yeah Solange.

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