A Week Of Wearing My Favorite Winter Purchases

Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket; vintage fisherman's sweater; H&M pencil skirt;

One day I decided that instead of pining for warmer weather, I would embrace these last couple weeks of cold temps, wear my favorite winter purchases, and document them on Instagram. You should try it. The exercise didn’t completely cleanse me of my strong desire for some heat and sunshine, but it did put things in a new, less depressing perspective. It also allowed me to take stock of what I actually bought over the past six or seven months and what I still want to buy. Here goes:

Day 1

What I wore: Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket (NEW); vintage fisherman’s sweater (NEW); H&M pencil skirt (NEW); Uterque boots (OLD).

Thoughts on new purchases: I’m happy with all of these purchases. The flight jacket was a Christmas gift, that I asked for, and it adds a touch of casual street wear to my typically dressy outfits. The fisherman’s sweater, which I bought from a vintage seller at the Brooklyn Flea for like $28, is so amazing. Do you see the dramatic turtleneck trying to take over my face?!?  And the H&M pencil skirt is a basic I will wear all year long on the weekends or to work.

Vintage Levi's denim jacket; Three Dots turtleneck; thrift navy trousers; old Madewell pumps

Day 2

What I wore: vintage Levi’s denim jacket (NEW); Three Dots cotton turtleneck (NEW); vintage/thrift trousers (NEW); Madewell leopard pumps (OLD).

Thoughts on new purchases: This vintage denim jacket, which I bought at Fly Boutique in Miami, is probably my favorite purchase of the year. It’s one of those items that I never even thought of buying, but when I came across it I had to have it. The turtleneck (remember, turtlenecks feel fresh), was a fashion week purchase and turned into a key layering piece for me. White makes you look more alive, I think. The trousers, which I mentioned in this thrifting post, are now a staple. I had a tailor crop them even more and add a cuff.

Jones New York thrift blazer; vintage Brooks Brothers shirt; old vintage knit skirt; old Pour la Victoire suede boots

Day 3

What I wore: Jones New York thrift blazer (NEW); vintage Brooks Brothers men’s shirt (NEW); vintage knit skirt (OLD); Pour la Victoire suede boots (OLD)

Thoughts on new purchases: came across this black blazer while thrifting (see here), and I liked that it was oversized. A jacket really finishes off an outfit, doesn’t it? The white shirt was a fashion week purchase from Monk Vintage in Williamsburg. Once again, white just seems right (right now).

Zara dress; old Minimarket wedge boots

Day 4

What I wore: Zara dress (NEW); Minimarket wedge boots (OLD)

Thoughts on new purchase: This dress was another fashion week purchase. It’s so different from anything I already own, but I receive a lot of compliments every time I wear it so I guess it works.

J. Crew sweater; vintage suede skirt; old Minimarket wedge boots

Day 5

What I wore: J. Crew sweater (NEW); vintage suede skirt (NEW); Minimarket wedge boots (OLD)

Thoughts on new purchases: I stocked up on three of these J. Crew v-neck sweaters in navy, hunter green, and the light grey color you see above. I wore them a LOT. Wish I had a black one. The suede skirt is another vintage purchase from Fly Boutique in Miami. The color is amazing and it just fit in my wardrobe so nicely.

What I wanted to buy this winter that I didn’t: I looked over this fall outfit inspiration post to remind myself of what I set out to buy and wear this season. I think I did a pretty good job of sticking to the list, but I still want/need the following: Acne Rita moto jacket; some type of fur coat; something baby pink; and something latex or patent leather. I also wouldn’t mind a big, black cashmere scarf. But for now, I’m thinking about spring, which for me is harder to dress for.

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    what size is your alpha industries bomber? Is it the slim fit or the classic?

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