5 Highlights from Lucky’s 100 Perfect Outfits Special Issue

Lucky's 100 Perfect Outfits

My relationship with Lucky magazine has been similar to a relationship with a long-term boyfriend. For a while it was one of the only magazines I subscribed to, and over time I’ve watched it change and grow into the glossy that it is today. Sometimes I’ve loved it, sometimes I’ve liked it, sometimes I’ve been annoyed by it and its decisions, but I’ve always remained a loyal reader and looked forward to its arrival.

Eva Chen, the new editor-in-chief, has done a great job of maintaining the ethos of the publication while also infusing it with new life. The 100 Perfect Outfits Special Issue is a testament to that. It’s a no-brainer that the Lucky reader would want to reference this issue, which they are calling “The Ultimate Guide to Personal Style,” when in need of wardrobe or outfit inspiration. I can see myself quickly flipping through it when I’m having trouble getting dressed. Overall, I enjoyed the entire read, but there were a few ideas that really piqued my interest. They are as follows:

1. Julia Sarr-Jamois’s grey tights:


One-off street style photos are inspiring, but there’s something really impactful and revealing about seeing multiple outfits from one stylish woman in one place. I’m most intrigued by the maximalist dresser (women who know how to incorporate color and print into their ensembles without looking costumey), hence my affection for Julia. Lucky calls Julia “the risk taker,” and she is, but there’s still a measured focus to her looks. She knows what items work on her (mini skirts paired with crew neck tops, bold outerwear, and statement-making sunglasses), and she knows what color palettes suit her tone (shades of pinks, turquoise, and blue).

I call out her grey, cable knit tights because as someone who wears skirts frequently, I have to wear tights, and I tend to stick with the black variety, which don’t work with everything. I love how the grey tights add even more texture to her looks and ground her bright ensembles.

2. Taylor Tomasi Hill’s dedication to not being predictable:

Taylor Tomasi Hill in Lucky's 100 Perfect Outfits
Taylor Tomasi Hill in Lucky's 100 Perfect Outfits

Unlike Julia, it’s a little harder to figure out Taylor’s formula. According to her, this is purposeful. When asked how her style has evolved in the last few years, Taylor responded, “I like to be challenged and it’s important to try new things. I never want to be predictable.” Taylor does this really well without looking like a fashion victim. I assume she does this by staying away from on-trend pieces, buying what she loves, and always finding a way to incorporate new items into her already existing wardrobe; Taylor’s known to wear items repeatedly. She also has the foundational menswear-inspired classic pieces that temper her wardrobe and give it more legs.

3. Beth Buccini’s pixie cut:

Beth Buccini in Lucky's 100 Perfect Outfits

There’s something about a pixie cut that instantly elevates your look. Speaking of hair, I think it’s your greatest investment. Notice how both Taylor and Julia have amazing hair?

4. The power of a luxe fur coat:

Fur coat in Lucky's 100 Perfect Outfits

I’m a coat fiend and this photo confirms that I need to add a fur coat to my arsenal. A fur coat is another outfit elevator. It looks appropriate for evening and to me even more appropriate on the weekends with jeans and a t-shirt.

5. A smart tip on how to wear pastels:

Hanne Gaby Odiele in Lucky's 100 Perfect Outfits

Lucky says that pastels can be punk. I simply say pastels are seasonless, but I do like their tip: choose bold shoes in saturated versions of the same palette. A more general rule could be wear pastels with more saturated hues. The contrast looks smart. As I mentioned in my fall inspiration post, I’m hoping to mix up my fall palette and wear baby pink with navy, black, or charcoal.

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