5 Favorite NYFW Street Style Subjects

New York Fashion Week presents a lot of outfit eye candy, but there’s always a few women who stand out. It’s very apparent who is trying to get shot by street style photographers. I’m not really interested in those women. Instead, I’m inspired by outfits that have an element of ease; women who have a quiet confidence and look completely comfortable in their clothes; women with a singular, non-generic style. The five women below are my favorite NYFW street style subjects and they all embody that lengthy description I just gave.



Yasmin Sewell: I spotted Yasmin at the Band of Outsiders show and her off-the-shoulder dress felt really glamourous yet nonchalant. But I wouldn’t describe Yasmin’s look as glamorous. It’s definitely feminine, but she typically wears an unexpected statement accessory that’s just plain cool. For example, the the Nicholas Kirkwood pumps, or the bowler hat, or the Eddie Borgo spiked necklace. Or maybe it’s just the haircut? No. It’s everything combined.


Daphne Javitch: Sam, my colleague, shot Daphne outside of the Adam Selman presentation. She just looked really cool. If you were to describe her outfit to someone (a shapeless Marques Almedia denim camo dress, reflective lens sunglasses, mini wedge espadrilles, and a small white tote) it could sound all over the place, but everything melds together beautifully. Daphne has a knack for making disparate items look not so disparate.


Laura Vidrequin: This is my first fashion week season seeing Laura, who I’m guessing is French. There’s definitely a tomboy element to her look, but what I’m most intrigued by is the simplicity. Unlike many other NYFW attendees, she doesn’t look fussy or overdone, but her outfits still make a statement. There’s no arm, ring, or ear party. It’s just a simple clutch, great shoes, and a really good outfit.


Unknown Chloe Kerman: I’m not sure who this girl is (found out this is Chloe Kerman, the fashion editor of Garage magazine), but The Sartorialist shot her a few times and I see why. There’s a vintage quality to her aesthetic, but it looks really fresh. She obviously loves a dress and her kelly green bag, which oddly seems to match everything. There’s also those Prada lug sole sandals (I want the boots) and neon orange toes that add a wow element.

Kate Foley: There’s an art to wearing non body-con clothes but still looking feminine/glamorous, and Kate Foley has mastered it.

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